Monday, April 17, 2017

Renovation & Celebration!

Renovation Update!
Last week was a big week for the Wiley renovation project!  As promised, you will find the latest information regarding our upcoming renovation project below. 
  • Approval of Design Narrative - Last week, I attended the WCPSS Board of Education’s Facilities Committee work session where the design narrative for Wiley’s renovation was presented by the WCPSS design team. The committee heard preliminary plans for new construction (that will replace the current cafeteria building) and necessary upgrades for the 1923 building. The design narrative addresses several challenges presented by the location of the entrance/exit of the parking lot (with respect to carpool stacking), limited parking spaces, desire to preserve historical elements of the 1923 building, limited classroom space, need for updated media center, and physical location of administrative offices (closer to main entry access point).  The board committee received the plans favorably, and the design team was given permission to move forward with the next stages of design.  Hooray!!!
  • Transportation - I continue to receive inquiries about the district’s plans regarding bus transportation during the construction project as we relocate to our appointed swing space location in Garner. The design team and I are working to set up a meeting with the transportation department to discuss these logistics, and I will pass along the information that we receive.
  • Wiley Commitment – Just before Spring Break, the PTA hosted a general meeting where comments were shared about the desire to maintain family commitment to Wiley during the construction phase. Overall, the group in attendance was enthusiastic about sharing ideas and “themes” that will continue to rally the Wiley community’s support of this exciting project, and likewise, ideas that will maintain the commitment and vitality of current Wiley families.
  • Wiley Commitment - New Families - On a related note, when considering the “health” of Wiley, our magnet application numbers from the recent magnet application period remain strong, and discussion of the renovation project at our recent ‘welcome event’ for new magnet families was well-received.
Keep your questions and insight coming – we’re in this together! I look forward to the day that we ‘cut the ribbon’ that will welcome the Wiley family back to our newly (awesome!) renovated Wiley School! 
  • Next week, I have the distinct privilege of representing Wiley as we officially receive our 'School of Excellence' designation at the National Magnet Schools of America Conference! I am thrilled to accept this honor on behalf of our amazing school community! Congratulations Wiley family!
Enjoy your week!
Leslie Taylor, Principal

Monday, February 27, 2017

Did you hear?

Wiley was recently awarded a Teacher Innovation Grant to support our plans to create a Global Learning Lab!  Big thanks to Wake Education Partnership for recognizing and funding this exciting initiative. Find out more here!

PTA News & Updates!

Mark your calendar, the Fun Run will be held on Friday, April 7.  Please note this is the last day before Spring Break. 
We are looking for businesses that are interested in sponsoring our Fun Run t-shirts.  Sponsorship includes logo placement on t-shirts given to all Wiley students.  There are 2 levels of sponsorship -- Green ($500) and Blue ($250). Please contact Hillary Parrott at if interested in becoming a sponsor.
Look for more Fun Run information coming soon!

The Wiley PTA Grants Committee has awarded several grants this February from round one of our grants application process.  These grants support faculty and staff requests that relate to the Wiley magnet theme and enhance the educational experience of Wiley students.  Some of the approved grants were:
  • Purchase of literacy materials for second grade literacy instruction
  • Attendance at a  technology conference that focuses on helping teachers bring technology into the classroom
  • Creation of an art  mural to be displayed in the main entry hall
  • Attendance at a workshop on anxiety disorders to support strategies for students, educators and parents
  • Attendance at a seminar on Latin America
The Committee is also working to support a cultural exchange between teachers in Ecuador and several of our Wiley teachers.  This experience will allow our teachers to travel to Ecuador this summer and participate in a co-teaching opportunity. The exchange would continue as a virtual relationship and support the cultural diversity being built into our Wiley classrooms.  
The arts have tremendous power to inspire, energize and empower our students and deepen their connection to new information. Thanks to an annual partnership between the Wiley PTA and the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, Wiley students have access to artistic performances and workshops designed to enhance the Wiley curriculum. Grant funding provided by the PTA and United Arts will have supported visits from four professional artists, writers and performers by the end of the school year.
Just this week, professional storyteller and author, Donna Washington, captivated Kindergarten through 5th grade students with a series of multicultural folk tales. Earlier this year, all students also enjoyed a high-energy, musical performance by the Beast that covered the history of African-American music, everything from Spirituals and Jazz to Reggae and Hip Hop.
In addition, to one-day performances, this year’s grant funds two, week-long workshops with more intensive learning opportunities. In February, Kim Silbaugh led a project where student’s designed their own animated video, using a back drop and clay figurines they created and a stop motion mobile app.
Fourth and fifth grade art students researched and wrote a script for a fairytale from a different continent and the second and third grade videos featured a tropical rainforest ecosystem. Take a look at the impressive student videos. In March, local writer, Michael Beadle, will lead the 5th grade students in a writing workshop.
Thank you PTA donors for making these opportunities available!

Emma Belledin is representing Wiley this year with her Teotihuacan watercolor. The celebration is March 7th from 4:30-5:30 in the lobby of the Progress Energy Center. If you are attending Pieces of Gold on March 8th, be sure to look for Emma's work. 

We have 3 Wiley 5th graders who will be performing in Broughton's The Sound of Music on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th at 7:00 pm.

Wiley's art teacher Karen Rose will be showing over 30 of her paintings and works on paper at the NC Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill from March 4-April 29 with an opening on Sunday, March 19, from 2:30-4:30pm.

Next Week
The Spring Book Fair starts next week – Tues., March 7! 
It’s not too late to volunteer!  We need your help for it to be successful.  Sign up for a time that works for you: 
We especially need help during preview day (Tues., 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM), before school sales (8:45 – 9:30 AM), and after school sales (3:30 PM until closing). 
Book Fair Hours
  • Tuesday 8:45 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Wednesday 8:45 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Thursday 8:45 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Friday 8:45 AM – 10:00 AM
Don’t forget the fair is open until 6:30 p.m. on Wed, March 8 and will feature a special performance by the Wiley Jazz Quartet.   The Wiley Jazz Quartet will perform two sets, one at 5:30 PM and one at 6:10 PM.  Enjoy the smooth groove and your new books with a treat from JAM Ice Cream’s food truck on Wed. evening.  JAM will donate a portion of their profits to the Wiley PTA.
Donate to the Book Fairy Fund so every child can have a book.  The Book Fair Fund allows us to give each child who needs one a coupon for the paperback book of their choice at the book fair.  We very much appreciate all of the donations that make this effort possible.

To apply for the 2017 Wiley Talent Show, please click on the link below:
If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Kalkbrenner at
Wiley's got talent!



  • March 7-10: Wiley Spring Book Fair
  • Thursday, March 23: Wiley Talent Show (6-8 PM)
  • Friday, March 31: Wiley Open (Makeup Day #3)
  • April 10-14: Spring Break


Marque sus calendarios! La fecha para el Fun Run es el viernes 7 de abril. Este sera el ultimo dia de clases antes del Spring Break.
Estamos buscando a dueños de negocios que estén dispuestos a patrocinar nuestras camisas para el Fun Run. El patrocinio incluye el logo de su negocio sobre las camisas que serán distribuidas a todos los estudiantes de Wiley. hay dos niveles de patrocinio - Verde ($500) Y Azul ($250). Por favor comuníquese con Hillary Parrot ( si esta interesado/a en patrocinar.
Les estaremos mandando mas información sobre el Fun Run muy pronto!

El Comité de Subvenciones del Wiley PTA ha otorgado varias subvenciones este febrero de la primera ronda de aplicaciones. Estas subvenciones apoyan las peticiones, de la facultad y el personal de Wiley, que van en conjunto con el tema magnet de Wiley y ayudan a mejorar la experiencia educacional que se les provee a los estudiantes de Wiley. Algunas de la becas aprobadas fueron:
  • Compra de materiales educacionales para asistir con la literatura y comprensión para el segundo grado.
  • Oportunidad de asistir a una conferencia de tecnología con énfasis en ayudar a los maestros a integrar tecnología en los salones.
  • Creación de un mural de arte para exhibir en la entrada principal del colegio.
  • Oportunidad de asistir un taller de discusión sobre trastornos de ansiedad para apoyar a los estudiantes, educadores y padres de Wiley
  • Oportunidad de asistir un seminario sobre Latino America.
El Comité también esta trabajando para apoyar un intercambio cultural entre profesores en Ecuador y Wiley. Esta experiencia permitirá a nuestros maestros viajar a Ecuador este verano para participar en una oportunidad de enseñanza conjunta. El intercambio continuara luego a través de interacciones virtuales y apoyara la diversidad cultural que siempre se fomenta en los salones de Wiley.
Las artes tienen tremendo poder para inspirar y vigorizar a nuestros estudiantes y enriquecer sus conexiones con información nueva. Gracias a la colaboración anual entre el PTA de Wiley y United Arts Council de Raleigh y Wake County, los estudiantes de Wiley tendrán acceso a presentaciones artísticas y talleres diseñados para enriquecer el currículo de Wiley. Subvenciones otorgadas por el PTA y United Arts apoyaran visitas de 4 artistas profesionales, escritores y actores este año.
Justo esta semana, cuentista y autora, Donna Washington, cautivo a todos nuestros estudiantes con una serie de cuentos folclóricos multiculturales. A principios de este año, los estudiantes también disfrutaron de una presentación musical de alta energía con el grupo Beast, el cual cubre tópicos sobre la historia de música Afro-Americana, todo desde música espiritual y jazz hasta reggae y hip-hop.
Ademas de estas presentaciones, la subvención de este año financiara 2 talleres (cada uno es una semana de largo), con oportunidades de aprendizaje mas intensos. En febrero, Kim Silbaugh condujo un proyecto donde estudiantes diseñaron sus propios videos animados y un mobile app, usando fondos y figuras de plastilina para crear animaciones en stop motion.
Los estudiantes de arte de 4to y 5to grado investigaron y escribieron un guión para un cuento de hadas de un continente diferente. Los videos de los estudiantes de 2do y 3er grado incluye un ecosistema de la selva tropical. Disfrute estos impresionantes videos de los estudiantes.
En Marzo, autor local, Michael Beadle, guiara a los estudiantes de 5to grado en un taller de escritura.
Gracias a todos los que donaron al PTA para crear estas oportunidades para los estudiantes!

Tenemos 3 estudiantes de Wiley de 5to grado que estaran participando en el show "The Sound of Music" del colegio Broughton desde el 2 al 4 de marzo a las 7pm.

Emma Belledin representara a Wiley este ano con su pintura de acuarela Teotihuacan. La celebración es el 7 de marzo de 4:30 a 5:30 en el lobby del Progress Energy Center. Si usted va a atender Pieces of Gold el 8 de marzo, pase por el lobby a ver el arte de Emma!

La maestra de arte de Wiley, Karen Rose, estará mostrando mas de 30 de sus propias pinturas y trabajos de arte sobre papel en el NC Botanical Gardens en Chapel Hill desde el 4 de marzo hasta el 29 de abril con un evento el domingo 19 de marzo de 2:30 a 4:30

Les animamos a los niños a leer con la Feria de Libros de Wiley de la Primavera 2017, abierta el 7 hasta el 10 de marzo.
Durante un horario extendido el día 8 de marzo, estamos orgullosos de presentar un concierto especial del Cuarteto de Jazz de Wiley, ciertos miembros de la Banda Musical de Wiley.  El Cuarteto de Jazz de Wiley presentará dos actuaciones – una a las 5:30 p.m., y la otra a las 6:10 p.m. Disfrute la música suave y sus libros nuevos, también con un helado de JAM’s Ice Cream Truck (Camión de Helados), el día miércoles por la tarde. JAM donará un porcentaje de sus ingresos a la PTA de Wiley.
Para organizar toda esta diversión, la Feria de Libros necesita su ayuda. Por favor regístrete para ayudar durante un tiempo conveniente para ti al:
7 – 10 de marzo, 2017
Horario de la Feria de Libros:
  • martes 8:45 AM – 4:30 PM
  • miércoles 8:45 AM – 6:30 PM (Cuarteto de Jazz de Wiley and Camión de Helados JAM)
  • jueves 8:45 AM – 4:30 PM
  • viernes 8:45 AM – 10:00 AM

Favor de hacer clic en el enlace abajo:
Si tiene cualquier pregunta, por favor contáctese con Jenny Kalkbrenner al
Los estudiantes de Wiley son talentosos!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year!  

Thank You … to our Wiley PTA for coordinating an incredible ‘Winter Thanks’ event for our staff!  The Wiley staff was overwhelmed by the love and generosity of our Wiley families. Thank you!

Wiley Gives Back was a huge success.  Donations poured in each day, and over 600 lbs of canned food were delivered to the Food Bank. Thanks, Wiley families, for opening your hearts to the causes identified by our students.  

Renovation:  In case you haven’t heard, Wiley is scheduled for a major renovation project in 2018/19. We are slated to relocate to the Garner HS Ninth Grade center for the school year and will return to our beloved Wiley campus in 2019/20 … with fabulous updates and new classroom/cafeteria space!  Come hear more about the project and offer your input/suggestions at a Community Event on Wednesday, January 18th at 6:30pm in the Wiley Media Center.  Spread the word to your neighbors and friends!  Members of the Design and Facilities Team will be on-hand.  

Calling All Rising Kindergarten Students:  Kindergarten registration is OPEN!  Families must register at their base, and magnet families need to submit an application for rising K siblings during the Magnet Application Period - January 12 - 31. The sooner you can register for Kindergarten, the more helpful it is for us in terms of planning for our 2017/18 staffing/hiring decisions.  Ms. Ruedy, our data manager, is happy to assist and answer your questions - 919-856-7723.

Student Assignment Strips for all students with 2017/18 school assignments were distributed last Thursday, January 5th. Be sure to double-check your assignment for next school year!

Did you hear?  Ms. Wolfgang’s 4th and 5th grade ‘Singing Stars’ were chosen to participate in the 2017 Pieces of Gold performance. Participation in this event is a grand honor, and we hope that our Wiley families will consider purchasing a ticket to support our talented performers!

Arrival / Dismissal Reminders: Please know that the guidelines we offer for arrival and dismissal are for the safety of our students. Adhering to these guidelines helps us ensure the safe, efficient departure of almost 500 students.
  1. Unless you are dropping off for supervised activities (YMCA care, band, Go Green, etc.), students are not to be dropped off prior to the 8:45am bell.
  2. The 'Carpool' departure point is only for those families taking advantage of the convenience of curbside car pick-up. Students sent to the carpool departure area should not be picked up by individuals arriving ‘by foot’.
  3. PM walkers staying to enjoy campus must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times and school rules apply. Students must be ‘in sight’ of their supervising adult at all times. Further, access is limited to the playground area, bordered by the main entrance steps. Other areas of the campus are reserved for use by the YMCA afterschool program.  
  4. Calls to make changes in your child’s afternoon transportation should be received before 3:00pm - 919-856-7723, select 0 for receptionist.

Mark your calendars for our make-up days: Friday, January 27th, Monday, February 20th, and Friday, March 31st

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, January 18 - ‘Open House’ for prospective magnet families - 10:30am and 2:00pm
Wednesday, January 18 - Community Input Session for Renovation @ 6:30pm in Media Center
Monday, January 16 - MLK Holiday - no school
Friday, January 20 - Early Release - dismissal @ 1:15pm
Friday, January 27 - Make-Up Day - school is in session
January 31 - February 3 - Wiley PTA presents Artist In Residence with Ms. Rose’s art students
Friday, February 10 - Early Release - dismissal @ 1:15pm

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

PTA - 11/14 update

Week of November 14, 2016


Parents: Remember to register as a volunteer using the online process, accessed only through the WCPSS intranet.  Adults must be registered as a volunteer to provide classroom assistance and to chaperone field trips if they wish to do so. The volunteer database will be purged next week of those volunteers that registered prior to July 1, 2016. 

Wiley community: thanks to you, the 2016 Fall Book Fair was an incredible success!  We earned nearly $2000 for the PTA to support our wonderful teachers, and through your generous contributions to the Book Fairy Fund, made sure we took care of our entire community of readers.  We'd like to give a public shout out to our amazing volunteers, our fantastic and adaptable teachers & staff (who managed a last minute event date change without breaking a sweat and who stayed late to read to our children!), and Trader Joe's (Wake Forest Road location), who donated reusable tote bags to house our teacher book donations!
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much!
-Katie Bridges and Jenn Marks

We have two tables full of lost and found clothes, mostly jackets, sweaters and lunch boxes, outside the art room. Items will be donated to 'Note in the Pocket' next week.

Skate Night has been rescheduled for December 3! Details can be found here:


Thank you to all of those that have donated to the Annual Fund so far.  We have raised $5,300 toward our goal of $20,000, so we have a long way to go.  Please consider a donation of any amount to help our students enjoy amazing events like last Friday’s visit from the awesome group, The BEAST.  They came to Wiley and every student got to enjoy a musical adventure of creativity, improvisation and the history of African-American music.  It  was an energetic, engaging performance.
and click on the donate now button to make your tax deductible donation.  

Reminder that our first restaurant night is next Monday, November 21. On that day, the Village Draft House in Cameron Village will contribute 10% of it’s ALL DAY profits to the Wiley PTA.  Please come out to enjoy some good food and visit with friends.



  • November 21: Restaurant Night at Village Draft House
  • November 23-25: Wiley Closed - Thanksgiving
  • December 2: Early Release
  • December 3Wiley Skate Night


Padres, por favor regístrense como voluntarios utilizando el proceso en línea, accesible solo por el “intranet” de WCPSS (las escuelas del condado de Wake). Los adultos tienen que registrarse como voluntarios si quieren ayudar en las aulas y para acompañar las excursiones afuera de la escuela si así lo desean. En la semana que viene, vamos a borrar de la base de datos todos los voluntarios que se registraron antes del 1 de Julio 2016.

La comunidad de Wiley:  Gracias a todos ustedes, la Feria de Libros del Otoño de 2016 fue un éxito increíble!  Ganamos casi $2000 para la Asociación de Padres y Maestros (PTA) para apoyar nuestros maestros maravillosos, y através de sus donaciones generosas al Fondo “Book Fairy” (Hada de Libros), aseguramos que todos los niños en la escuela podía tener un libro.  Nos gustaría reconocer públicamente nuestros voluntarios maravillosos, nuestros maestros y personal fantásticos y adaptables (quienes manejaron un cambio al último minuto a una nueva fecha sin preocuparse y quienes se quedaron tardes para leer a los niños), y Trader Joe’s (ubicada en Wake Forest Road), los quienes donaron bolsas reutilizables para los libros.
Te agradecemos desde el fondo de nuestros corazones!
-Katie Bridges y Jenn Marks

Tenemos dos mesas afuera del aula de arte que están llenas de ropa perdida, principalmente chaquetas, suéteres, y cajas de almuerzo. Hemos tenidos las mesas allí por dos semanas ahora. Probablemente vamos a donar a una caridad cualquier ropa que todavía está allí en la próxima semana. Gracias.


Gracias a todos los que han donado al Fondo Anual. Hasta ahora hemos recaudado $5,300 en camino a nuestra meta de $20,000, por lo tanto nos falta mucho todavía. Por favor considere donar, para contribuir a que nuestros estudiantes disfruten de grandes eventos como el del grupo musical The BEAST, que vino el viernes pasado. El grupo vino a Wiley y todos los estudiantes disfrutaron de una aventura musical con mucha creatividad e improvisación. También aprendieron sobre la historia de la música Afro-Americana. Fue un evento energético y muy cautivador.
Por favor visite y haga clic en el botón que dice "Donate Now" para hacer su donación la cual es deducible de impuestos. 


Marque su calendario para nuestra primera noche restaurante. Lunes 21 de Noviembre, The Village Draft House en Cameron Village contribuirá el 10% de su beneficio para ese día a Wiley PTA.

Por favor, venga a disfrutar de una buena comida y visitar con los amigos.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Celebrating our Wiley Team!  

Join us in celebrating Mrs. Montague, Wiley's Teaching Assistant of the Year, and Mrs. Eman Ziada-Brandt, Wiley's Teacher of the Year!  We are so fortunate that these incredible teachers are part of the Wiley Team!  


Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday, September 12

Welcome!  Please join me in welcoming the following new staff members to our Wiley team!
Mrs. Jenny Oliver – Kindergarten                                            
Ms. Abby Wierman – First Grade
Ms. Kelly Womack – Fourth Grade                                          
Mrs. Joanne Vaughan – Fifth Grade
Mr. Mike Roche – English as a Second Language                               
Mrs. Lynn Christiansen – Media Specialist
Mr. Denya Hewitt (Visiting International Fellow from Jamaica) – Second Grade
Mr. Matthew Perlanski (Visiting International Fellow from Canada) – Third Grade

An Exciting Renovation is on the Way!
Wiley is slated for an exciting renovation in the near future!  Current timelines have Wiley set for renovations during the 2018/19 school year (not next school year).  It is currently anticipated that the extent of the renovation will require us to relocate to a ‘swing space’ while construction is underway. As such, the Garner HS ninth grade center is tentatively proposed as our swing location. The renovation process will include a community input session before plans are drafted, and we commit to communicating the details of the project as they are made available. Please feel free to contact Leslie Taylor (ltaylor2) to verify, clarify, or question details that you may hear from others.

WCPSS Budget Shortfall & Wiley Staffing
Thanks in large part to sacrifices of various staff members and tight monitoring/manipulation of staff allotments, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to maintain all five of our language teachers on staff in an 80% employment capacity … as some might say, by the skin of our teeth.  Implications of the budget shortfall were felt quite noticeably at the elementary level in terms of staffing and across the board in terms of custodial cutbacks. Huge thanks to the entire Wiley team for rallying around each other to maintain the positive Wiley spirit, despite cutbacks and shortfalls.

Last school year, our K-2 teachers embraced the ‘no homework’ notion, choosing instead to encourage reading and authentic, meaningful experiences. We’re broadening our reach this year to cover K-5. We greet this decision with excitement and anxious anticipation.  Please continue to take advantage of opportunities to broaden the experiences of our students through play, meaningful conversation, exploration, and hands-on learning. 

Arrival & Dismissal
Thank for your patience as we continue to work hard to get back into the safe routines of arrival and dismissal. Please be mindful of the following:
·         An adult must accompany all students arriving prior to 8:45am. Students are not to be dropped off before the morning arrival window opens at 8:45am. To accommodate families needing morning childcare, we contract with the Alexander YMCA (our before-school-care provider) for convenient on-site morning care.
·         Morning ‘walkers’ have probably noticed that the access points nearest the K/2 playground are no longer accessible in the mornings. Findings from a recent informal safety audit suggested that walkers enter the building from the Calvin Road entrance. Access this entrance using the established crosswalk where our coordinated efforts with Raleigh PD have provided a crossing guard.
·         Each afternoon, within a 15 minute window, we work hard to move almost 500 students during dismissal to one of four “departure points” – carpool, walkers, bus, and YMCA afterschool care.  Safety is our number one priority, and we seek your cooperation in remembering the following:
o   Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we do not release students from carpool to those arriving by foot. If a student is in carpool, we expect that we will be providing curbside service to deliver the student to a car where the adult that has been identified by our regular carpool team. Asking for a student out of our carpool area compromises the attention necessary to keep our carpool moving safely and swiftly.
o   The office is not a ‘departure location’. Please do not phone the main office requesting that a student wait in the office at dismissal; instead, utilize either carpool or walkers.
o   The more consistency you can provide regarding afternoon departure, the better.
o   If transportation changes are necessary, call the main office (919-856-7723) prior to 3:00pm to ensure that we can deliver the message to your student.
o   Families wishing to enjoy the playground area after school must restrict play to the immediate “sight area” of the supervising adult.  

Volunteer Registration
Don’t allow the volunteer registration deadline to squash your lifelong dream of chaperoning a field trip or working with small student groups!  Volunteers wishing to reactivate their volunteer status are encouraged to do so by October 31st at a WCPSS location.  All others may register during school hours using the computer in the media center. Add this to your to-do list!  J

Stay Connected
Be on the look-out for a monthly newsletter that will deliver general Wiley information! The newsletter will be posted on the Wiley World Review blog ( which also feeds into the Wiley website (  We’re also working hard to provide day-to-day highlights on our Twitter feeds (@wileyelementary and @wileyprincipal).  Further, follow the departure of our buses on Twitter @WileyBuses

Parent Homework … Is your student loving school?  I hope so!  Please take a minute to send a quick hand-written note or email to his/her teacher/s to let him/her know!