Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16

Make-Up Day:  According to the WCPSS website, Monday, March 23rd is scheduled as our make-up day for Tuesday, February 17. 

Testing Proctors Needed:  We will be conducting testing for some of our English Language Learners in the coming weeks. We are in need of proctors who are available to be trained on 2/23 or 2/24 at 9:00 AM. If you are available to proctor at one of the following times, please complete this form and submit by Friday, 2/20.

Carpool:  As a courtesy to our vendor cab services and daycares (many serving other students from different schools), we allow priority access to the carpool loop in the mornings and afternoons.  Thus, we ask that the carpool line begin at the College Place entrance sign; a staff member will signal when it is clear to move into the loop.  As such, this prevents others from having to use the exit as an entrance into the parking lot. 

Bus Loop/Walkers’ Crosswalk:  As you depart or enter campus using Calvin Drive in the back of Wiley, please be mindful that buses are entering & departing and many students are walking to school.  Drive with caution. 

Wiley Mascot:  It’s your chance to leave your mark on Wiley!  We’re calling all families to submit suggestions for a Wiley Mascot.  If your family has a creative idea, please have your student submit the suggestion with his/her name to Ms. Taylor.  All students will have an opportunity to vote on the finalists!  It’s doubtful that ‘the Wiley Wolfpack’ is going to make the cut (but who knows!).  J 

Wiley Spotlight 
The Wiley Spotlight will return next week! 

 Upcoming Events 
Monday, February 16:  Early Dismissal
Tuesday, February 17:  No School
Wednesday, February 18: 
Thursday, February 19: 
Friday, February 20:  Interims

News from our Wiley PTA
Frozen Skate Night Cancelled
Apparently, snow, ice and other frozen items make it necessary to cancel the event (for the second time!) due to inclement weather.
Sky Zone Event a Success
A message from the team that organized the SkyZone Event: The SkyZone event was a lot of fun, and SkyZone donated $200 for the Williamsburg trip. Thanks to all who attended and to SkyZone for hosting the event.
Moe’s Restaurant Night
Visit Moe's in Cameron Village on Thursday, Feb 26. It's an all-day event so come for lunch with friends or coworkers or grab dinner for the family. They will donate 20% of all sales  to the Wiley PTA when you mention Wiley. You must mention Wiley at checkout to ensure we get 20% of your purchase to benefit!
Tech Night Round-Up
Thank you to everyone who came out to learn something new at Technology Night! If you were not able to attend, here is a summary of what you missed:
Principal Leslie Taylor is an excellent speaker and diehard UNC/Dean Smith fan. She gave a great lesson in recognizing the efforts of the whole team (administration, teachers, staff, PTA, parents) to the success of students at Wiley.
PTA membership approved a revised budget, reallocating funds that aren't needed for Big Universe to allow for professional development for teachers, supply boxes for the playgrounds, and 5th grade celebrations.
PTA presented the results of a survey sent to all teachers at Wiley asking for input on the current condition of the technology in their classrooms. The results of the survey were daunting.
140 Desktop Computers are currently being used in classrooms, and 61 are broken or in poor quality.
23 Smart Board Projectors are being used, but 7 are in need of repair.
20% of the total number of technology devices at Wiley are broken or in poor quality (slow, poor resolution, etc.)
The cost to replace the broken or breaking devices is about $100,000. The school does not receive any money from the county specifically designated toward technology and most of the hardware we have (desktops and SmartBoards) are no longer under warranty or supported by tech services.
Kicked off the Fun Run for Technology. See details later in this blog and in your Monday folder.
Brian Marks, Wiley father of two, concluded the general meeting by giving us an overview of The Hour of Code and the Wiley Coders Club that will open for enrollment soon. See below for notes on that club and further information on the Fun Run.
A special THANK YOU to our wonderful Wiley teachers, who worked hard to create interesting and informative breakout sessions. Presentations included keeping our children safe online and helping them become responsible digital citizens, showcasing the ways students and teachers use technology at Wiley, WGNN filming and editing, Discovery Education Board Builder, interactive apps
The full budget, survey results and slide show can be found at
Fun Run For Technology
What can we do to help with the technology gaps? Wiley is partnering with Boosterthon for the 2nd Annual Fun Run for Technology, which will take place in a few weeks. Last year we raised about $22,000 and purchased many new devices. The focus will be on replacement, not additional technology.
Why Boosterthon? Boosterthon promotes Fitness, Leadership and Character. Healthy living focus and daily character lessons align to Wiley's core beliefs. The PTA analyzed last year's feedback and has made changes to make the Boosterthon program to make it a better fit for Wiley. We have decreased the time out of class and the emphasis on individual pledges, and will increase the focus on teamwork and character traits.
What are the key dates?
        Pep Rallies - Tuesday, February 24th Students and teachers will help kick-off the Rock'n Town Live, Wiley Fun Run in style by dressing up like a Rock Star! Pep rallies will be held at:
o   K-2nd   2:45-3:15pm  
o   3rd-5th  2:00-2:30pm          
        February 25th - March 4th: Children will have Team Huddles at the beginning of recess, with character trait lessons and BoostFit exercises. During the 8 days leading up to the Fun Run, students can ask for pledges toward the laps they will run on March 5th. Be sure to register at , a safe and secure website that allows you to easily manage your student’s pledges,  review the daily character lessons, and watch Rock’n Town Live music videos. You can help connect your child to friends, family, and neighbors who can make a pledge. (phone, email, social media, etc.)
        March 5th - Wiley Fun Run: K-1 9:30 a.m.; 2-3 10:40 a.m., 4-5 11:50 a.m. Every student will participate in this school-wide event, regardless of pledges raised and will receive a Wiley Rock-n-Run t-shirt. Students will run between 30-35 laps.  Come out and cheer for the kids!
How can I volunteer?
We need volunteers for the race day and to help with counts on payments after the event. Use the links below to sign up:
Talent Show Update
Wiley families, we expect another fabulous year of music, dance, skit, comedy and -- most importantly -- FUN with our grand, Wiley community.   The 2015 Wiley Talent Show will be Thursday, March 12, 2015 from 6 PM - 9 PM. Applications and Music submissions are due on Friday, February 20 by 9 PM.
Students are required to attend the Initial Review of Acts on Thursday, February 26, 3:45-5:45 PM and the Show Rehearsal on Thursday, March 5, 3:45-5:45 PM.

Students should have a plan for their performance by the application deadline, and performances are limited to two (2) minutes. For more information, see Ms. Taylor's February 9 blog at:
Or, visit the Talent Show application page at:
If you have questions - or would like to volunteer! - please e-mail Scott Andrews at . Thank you for your continued support of this fantastic event!
Introducing Wiley Coders Club!
We are pleased to announce that Wiley is starting a Coding Club! Wiley Coders will meet Friday mornings from 8:00 – 8:45 a.m. in the Computer Room starting March 6th. Given the size of the room and the number of available computers, we are only able to enroll 20 students at this time. There is no cost to participate, but we do ask that parents commit to helping us in the classroom for at least 2 of the sessions. You do not need experience in coding to help out, just a willingness to learn with us. Sign-up will begin on February 23rd with a link in the blog next week.
We will loosely follow’s K-5 Intro to Computer Science course to teach basic computational thinking practices of Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Persistence, and Problem Solving.’s K-5 Intro to Computer Science blends online, self-guided and self-paced tutorials with “unplugged” activities that require no computer at all. We will supplement the curriculum as needed with other activities (e.g., exploring what’s inside a computer, playing the Robot Turtles board game, and even programming a simple robot). By the end of year, students should have the skills needed to create simple interactive stories or games that they can share with anyone.
If you have any questions, you can reach Renate Andrews and Brian Marks at
Why Wiley Coders?
I can cite the statistics ( ), but our reasons for   wanting to start Wiley Coders are a bit more personal. When Brian Marks introduced Wiley to Hour of Code 2 years ago, I was fascinated. I saw that the skills being taught were about more than Computer Science; they were skills kids could use no matter what they wanted to do later in life. The skills were about thinking – about how to break a bigger problem into smaller more manageable pieces, about how to learn from mistakes, about how to work with other people – and these skills were being taught in a way that kids found fun and interesting.

I use principles of computer science every day in my job as a researcher at Duke (it’s a strange day when I don’t spend at least ½ of my time programming in SAS or some other programming language), but I wouldn’t call myself a Computer Science. I only have a Twitter account because Wiley dragged me into the 21st century a couple of years ago. The website we’re putting together for Wiley Coders is the first time I’ve done anything like that. My family got our first iPad in September. My kids come home from Wiley and Ligon using new and interesting tech tools that teachers have introduced and I ask my kids how it’s supposed to work. All that’s to say, I expect that I will learn as much from the kids as they’re learning from me. I hope you’ll join us on this adventure!  ~Renate