Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2016/17 - That's A Wrap (thanks, renovation news, survey, dates)

Wiley Families - 
Can you believe we've been out of school for over two weeks, already?! As I "officially" wrap up the 2016/17 school year by checking off my final deadlines, I certainly didn't want to miss the opportunity to close out the year with each of you! 
There are a few phrases that I can say in all five of the foreign languages that we offer at Wiley. Fortunately, thanks to the pressures of my informal tutoring by our language teachers, 'thank you' happens to be one of them!  
Xie Xie
Your contributions and support of our Wiley PTA have been felt in so many wonderful ways.  Teacher grants (from local professional conferences to supporting the summer international travel of a teacher team to the Galapagos Islands), Winter Thanks, Early Release Lunches, school-wide events, emergency cafeteria lunch funds, technology support, after-school & before school clubs, Book Fairs, and seriously, the BEST Teacher Appreciation week EVER ... just to name a few. Wow.
Your support of our classroom efforts, small & large, help enhance the excitement of learning ... the 'wish list' can appear a bit random every now and then, but trust me, those snacks, novels, noodles, and yes, even those boxes of soft tissues really do rock our world!  
Maybe chaperoning the recent field trip wasn't exactly how you envisioned spending a day off work ... but truly, can you imagine our teachers having to do THAT alone? Whether it be sharing your parenting expertise as a Wiley Pal, reading partner, Monday folder filer, class parent, or even sharing a smile as you drive through carpool, we LOVE knowing you're behind the scenes supporting our work.  
Most importantly, thank you for sharing your precious children with us. We realize they are your greatest treasures, and we appreciate the trust and confidence you place in us each day to provide a loving, meaningful, fun, and worthwhile educational experience for them.  They bring us so much joy!
In a few weeks, our precious (former) fifth graders will enter the doors of seventeen different middle schools, and we wish them well on their journeys!  Likewise, we will welcome the high school graduating Class of 2030 to fill their shoes!  We can't wait for the adventures that await in 2017/18!  
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." I can't sum it up any better than Helen Keller. 
With heartfelt gratitude,
Leslie Taylor, Principal

Odd & Ends
Survey:  As we close one chapter and look to begin a new one, we want feedback from you! Please take a few minutes to take this SURVEY. Many questions relate to our magnet theme, but the survey also allows you to give constructive feedback in other ways that will guide our work!  (survey - https://goo.gl/forms/j9iClfzLzKJ4FzyM2)
International Adventure:  Via Twitter, join our Wiley team (Ms. Brandt, Ms. Blum, Ms. Gess, Ms. Murdick, Ms. Womack, and Mr. Perlanski) as they travel to The Galapagos Islands with Teacher2Teacher International. #WileyTravels will allow you to join their adventures in travel and teaching. 
Renovation:  Last week, the second of a series of meetings with various WCPSS entities (child nutrition, security, transportation, HVAC, media & technology, etc.) was held at Wiley to review the most recent design narrative. You will find the full presentation here -> Wiley Design Narrative. This week, I will meet with the design team to begin reviewing transitions necessary for the Garner School Site in anticipation of our temporary move next school year.  And, in July, I will loop back with the WCPSS Transportation team to revisit possible solutions that will hopefully accommodate some of the challenges that you have shared with me; the transportation team has been wonderfully committed to working with us! As more of "the pieces" begin falling into place, we will schedule another parent information session (likely late August) to relay the latest & greatest about this exciting project!  
2017/18 Important Dates
Thursday, August 24:  Meet the Teacher for 1st-5th Graders from 4:00-6:00pm 
Monday, August 28: First Day of School for all 1st-5th Graders
Monday, August 28 - Thursday, August 31: Staggered Entry for K students (come only on assigned day)
Friday, September 1: Kindergarten "Pop In" to 'Meet the Teacher' from 2:00-3:00pm