Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Updates 1/2/13

Updates 1/2/13

Welcome Back Wiley Family!

We had Wiley families travel all over the world this year! Wiley kids and teachers were in Germany, France, Australia, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, and Sweden during the break. Wherever you were, I hope it was just what you wished.

Prior to the break, I hosted a parent information session to share current curriculum and assessment updates. In case you missed it, here is a brief recap.
*The state of our state's schools are in forward motion! All subjects in all grades have a new curriculum and new expectations for how students are taught. Training was provided for teachers prior to, however, we are really "living" the changes this year! Expectations for classrooms include: high level thinking, explanations of thinking, and a deep understanding of concepts. Check out this VIDEO for a brief overview of the Common Core curriculum. This spring the Wiley teachers will host a family night for you to have hands on experiences with the curriculum in your child's classes. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.  
*Assessments have always been an integral part of school. We use assessments to learn about student learning, to learn how to push students further, and to learn how to fill "gaps" in understanding. This has not changed, however, assessments are becoming more formal in measuring student performance, school performance, and teacher performance. This year students will take district and state assessments in all grades and most subject areas with the state's intention to assess in most subject areas and all grades.
*Our global magnet curriculum continues to evolve from the forward-thinking educators in 1982 that designed it to our current forward-thinking teachers implementing it! The expectation across North Carolina is that all classrooms include global awareness. At Wiley, we must take it to the next level and be leaders in globally focused curriculum design and implementation. We are doing this through integrated units of study, second language instruction for all students, globally focused arts and movement electives, and alignment to the Asia Society's global competencies (Investigate the World, Recognize Perspectives, Communicate Understanding, and Take Action) in all courses.

Points of contact for more information regarding Wiley are:
*General Curriculum and Assessments: Bethany Fleener, Instructional Resource Teacher 919-856-7723 or
*International Magnet Program: Kitty Yarbrough, Magnet Coordinator, 919-856-7723 or 
*Curriculum, Assessment, and International Program: Katie Ware, Assistant Principal, 919-856-7725 or
*Curriculum, Assessment, and International Program: Katie McMahon, Principal, 919-856-7726 or

Upcoming Important Dates:
*Kindergarten Registration for 2013-2014 Begins: January 7
*Magnet Application Period Begins: January 14
*Martin Luther King Day, No School: January 21
*Teacher Workday, No School: January 22
*Magnet Application Period Ends: January 25
Have you seen the new Wiley PTA Website? It is being updated frequently, so check it out often. There's even a picture of me doing the hokey pokey on skates?!

Have a great week!
-Katie McMahon, principal