Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Updates 1/23/13

Updates 1/23/13

Celebrating Great Americans
*Our staff and students are celebrating the accomplishments of great African-Americans! For Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and February's Black History Month, Wiley students are participating in the following awesome experiences (just to name a few):
-4th graders are participating in an interdisciplinary study of the Civil Rights Movement in North Carolina
-3rd graders are studying the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.
-All students will participate in author Don Tate's visit this Friday
-All students will participate in a presentation and workshop with the African American Dance Ensemble in February
-Kindergarten has had whole class read alouds of biographical books
-A team of 4th and 5th grade students has been created to compete in the annual Black History Month Quiz Bowl

There will be more to come in the weeks ahead. Discuss with your child their experiences!

Proactive Support for Safety from You
Ensuring safety of all students and staff at Wiley is an obvious, but critical task. We cannot do that without your help. While we have clear expectations and procedures for staff and students, we also have them for campus visitors-including you as a parent. Please note the following expectations with which we need your help:
-Always sign in at the office and wear your Visitor Sticker while you are on campus. This includes when you come for lunch. Please understand that staff will remind you of this procedure and they are following expectations of them.
-If you walk your student in at arrival and plan to stay to volunteer, sign in in the office.
-Always enter the building at the main (back) office door or ring the bell at the front door. Do not encourage students to open a locked door for you.
-Follow staff direction and procedures at dismissal, even when you are in a hurry. We know you may be inconvenienced, but we are responsible for accurate dismissal of all students. Your need may interfere with another child's dismissal and that could impede safety. Staff have a variety of custodial-parent guidelines to remember, student needs, changes to routine, etc. to think about during dismissal. It is extremely helpful and safe when you follow procedure. This includes: do not pick up students by walking up to the carpool hallway and use the only designated dismissal types/locations (carpool, walkers, YMCA).
-Alert staff if you notice anything out of the ordinary.
-Do not knock on doors that are locked for entry.

Strings, Anyone?
Mr. Julius Prescott, a professional cellist, will begin offering strings lessons at Wiley in February. This will be open to Wiley students with 1 year or more of strings experience, requires weekly participation, will be before school, and a fee will be charged. I will share more information in the coming week!

Potential Winter Weather This Friday
Mother Nature has given us a roller coaster winter, so far. For this Friday, forecasters are predicting a wintry mix after lunch. IF school is released early, we will notify you through a phone call home, Twitter, this blog, and an email. We will dismiss all students to their normal dismissal procedure at the early dismissal time. Bus departure (from campus) times will be posted on our website through our Twitter feed. If you plan to come to the office prior to the dismissal time, please expect a wait time as we accommodate parent requests. If you need to contact the school for a dismissal change, it will be extremely helpful for you to do so at least 30 minutes prior to the early dismissal time.