Monday, November 25, 2013

Updates 11/25/13

Wonderful World of Wiley Updates

Media Center Needs Volunteers
The media center is looking for volunteers! We need assistance with book shelving, repair, organization, and displays. If you have a little time to help in the library after you drop your children off at school or before you pick them up, please contact our media specialist, Jill Molloy Thank you!

Guest Blog Post by Mr. Schisler and Ms. Bennett
Establishing a Lifelong Commitment to Health
       This year in all PE/Healthful living classes, students are learning that being healthy is a lifelong commitment.  Starting in Kindergarten, students learn about the different ways to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Students learn about diet and exercise, and in particular, about health related assessments and connected exercises. We focus on muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, and aerobic capacity in some manner for every class.  Fourth and fifth grade students are completing health assessments this year which include the mile run.  
According to the New England Journal of Medicine, “The current generation of school-age children is the first generation with a lower life expectancy than their parents”.  This takes in to consideration several factors, but the main culprit is childhood obesity.  As part of Wiley’s quest to think globally, we encourage our students to investigate the world and take action and what better way to do this than the Jingle Bell Run in Raleigh.  Many of Wiley’s families take part in this event every year, and it is a great way for students to see not only other students, but adults as well, taking care of their bodies.  Most of the participants from Wiley are members of the afterschool runners club, but any student/family is welcome to participate.  
The Wiley Running Club is an organization that meets in the fall and spring.  This past autumn it was “postponed” due to Ms. Bennett having knee surgery.  However, the plan is to have the group begin meeting in spring 2014.  Running club encourages students to set personal goals and build confidence.  No one’s running ability is compared or judged.  There are health benefits, stress relief, and social interaction with other runners which have inspired many people to become active runners.  Studies have shown when children are physically active, they perform better in school.  
Having students and families participate in the Jingle Bell Run would be a great stepping stone for the pending running in spring.  Although Ms. Bennett can’t run until the spring, she will be at The Jingle Bell Run cheering on the Wiley Runners.  We welcome everyone to participate or come support the runners/walkers.  For more information on the Jingle Bell Run please search for the Raleigh Jingle Bell Run 2013 or contact:                          Candy Fuller, 919-250-0433,

Snowflake Gift Drive
As in years past, Wiley will be providing assistance so that all Wiley students may enjoy the holiday season.  Through the Snowflake Student Gift Drive, toys or gift cards will be collected for Wiley students who would benefit from a holiday giving program. We think this will be a fun and meaningful way to help others in our Wiley community, so we hope you (and your child) will be able to participate.

If you would like to help with this effort, please:
  1. Come by the main office between Wednesday, November 20 and Friday, Dec. 6 to select a special snowflake. Each snowflake will contain information about what to buy for a student (based upon receiving parent’s preference).
  2. Buy the gift(s) or gift card.
  3. Wrap your gifts (include gift receipts if possible) and put a note on the outside of the package listing the item(s) inside.  Return them to the main office  December 6 - 10 (at drop off or pick up time) with your snowflake attached.
A couple of notes:
*Students will need a parent with them in order to take a snowflake.
*The snowflakes will not have actual students’ names on them (to protect confidentiality) but instead will have a number and Ms. Williams will have the “key.”
*There will be a sign-out sheet so that we know who has signed up for which child.

Requests from families are high this year.  
Thank you so much for helping with this worthwhile project!  

Upcoming Important Dates
Thanksgiving Holiday, Nov. 27-29
Winter Food Drive begins Dec. 2
Preliminary Spelling Bee Test, Dec. 4 (only for students who have entered)
PTA Executive Board Meeting, Dec. 5 6:30pm
Wiley Band Holiday Concert, Dec. 12, 7:00pm
Winter Break, Dec. 23-Jan. 1

Food Drive for Wiley Families
We are kicking off our holiday food drive! Food Friends: Fighting Hunger Together, is an annual initiative to help our Wiley community.

We have 70 students in need
of food to help them through the winter break.

We can help ensure that no bellies grumble over winter break! We can rally together to contribute food to help our fellow Wiley families have a healthy and happy holiday season. Thanks for helping make our Wiley community so special.

Next time you go to the store, pick up something to contribute to Food Friends. Drop off the food any time Monday, December 2 - Wednesday, December 13. You can also send grocery gift cards and leave the shopping to us!

Examples of food donations that are non-perishable (NO GLASS -- non-breakable packaging only, pop tops are a plus!):
     canned soup/stew
     tuna fish
     canned meat
     canned beans
     canned fruit/vegetables
     fruit cups/apple sauce
     peanut butter (in plastic jars!)
     granola bars/cereal bars
     shelf stable milk/powdered milk
     macaroni and cheese
     pasta or rice
     pasta sauce (in plastic jars!)
     nuts/dried fruit/raisins
     can openers

Together we make a huge difference in the lives of our fellow students!